By Jennifer Kaplan, M.S., R.S.W. Psychotherapeutic Counseling | | Categories: #assessment , #codepence , #recovery , Anxiety Treatment , Couples Therapy , Cure for Loneliness , Psychological Assessment , Relationship Therapist , Stress Treatment , Trauma Therapy

We hear a lot these days about executive functioning. How to manage your time. How to stay organized. How to prioritize. We also hear so much about self care. Its no wonder that many come to my practice at a loss as to how to do it all. Even if you are clear about what needs looking after every day it may be reasonable to assume your to do list is longer than the hours you are awake! How do we manage ourselves and our responsibilities carefully and with optimism. In my practice you will learn to ask “how important is it?” “is the effort worth the outcome?” And “ whom do I serve?”

All these questions, when examined during talk therapy, and as life offers more choices, will become clearly answered. You must always put your health, your sanity and your sobriety (defined differently for each person) first. Everything flows more easily once those changes are made. It can still be very difficult to execute those priorities. It may take practice and reinforcement but we will get there,

“Whom do I serve” is questioned lifted from myth. Often we think we are living how we are ‘supposed to’ and doing what is ‘right’. It is my experience as a practitioner that this kind of choosing can lead to feeling stuck and obstructed. Lets try and see if we can peel the layers down on why we are ‘supposed to” and why we think only ‘this way is right’ or "that way is wrong". Its an interesting process.

Time is our friend when we accept limitations with grace. This is the ultimate goal of a highly functional adult: to be able to accomplish what one values with grace in effort.