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Looking for a Psychotherapist? Consult Jennifer Kaplan, M.S., R.S.W. Psychotherapeutic Counseling

Jennifer Kaplan offers treatment for emotional suffering to clients across Toronto, North York, and Etobicoke, Ontario.

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ABOUT Jennifer Kaplan,
M.S., R.S.W.

Most often we come to therapy because we feel lost somewhere in our own lives. Change can seem impossibly difficult when faced alone and without tools.



  • I have recommended numerous people over the years to Jennifer - all very different characters with very different needs - and she has been able to treat them all. I think it’s the combination of being a true empath mixed with a very serious dedication to her craft/field. There is a plan forward...Read More


    Psychotherapy Toronto Ontario
  • I’ll never forget the feeling I left with after sitting with Jennifer Kaplan for the first time: Seen. Truly seen for the person I was not for the person I thought to be. Often we walk into therapy with false stories about who we are — mine began with “If only I wasn’t so anxious, then I might feel like I’m finally enough....Read More


    Psychotherapy Toronto Ontario
  • Before Jennifer, I could not have imagined a therapist like her. Today, I know that the lives of my child's children will be better for our work together. I arrived into her care a deeply wounded person, making choices from which I believed I'd never recover. I did not expect to find someone...Read More


    Psychotherapy Toronto Ontario

Jennifer Kaplan Therapy
M.S., R.S.W.

  • Looking for a Therapist in Toronto? Consult Jennifer Kaplan, M.S., R.S.W. Psychotherapeutic Counseling. I am seeing patients from Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and (via the internet) abroad.



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