Professional Development Toronto, ON

When people realize years into their careers that they are unhappy at their job and overwhelmed trying to determine what they can change they become stuck. How do I reinvent myself. How much longer do I stay in a job that pays the bills but doesn’t satisfy me. How important is feeling fulfilled at work versus at home or both? Therapy will help clarify what you need to focus on to find your passion in what you do. Then the choices about your professional development will flow from there. Together in therapy we will reason out what your best strengths and skills are and what provides you with the most well rounded feeling of productivity. Therapy really helps comb through all the various issues that may be impacting your ability to access your most passionate productive side.

Treatment/Counseling for: Depression | Anxiety | Grief/Loss | Separation/Divorce | Professional Development | Intimacy Issues | Addiction

Jennifer Kaplan provides Counseling for Professional Development & sees patients from Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and (via the internet) abroad.

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