Separation and Divorce Therapy Toronto, ON

When a person becomes separated and eventually divorced their role changes. This changing role and therefore relationship is an enormous source of stress. Therapy for those dealing with Separation and Divorce will help hold the centre when all parts of your life seem to be moving and changing. Talking every week about all aspects of the change will help immeasurably in coping with stress in a positive way and making sure your best interests are served in the process. It is my role, as a therapist, to provide you with a feeling of being seen and heard that will be a very important source of strength and wisdom as you navigate the often complex waters of becoming single.

Treatment/Counseling for: Depression | Anxiety | Grief/Loss | Separation/Divorce | Professional Development | Intimacy Issues | Addiction

Jennifer Kaplan provides Separation and Divorce Therapy and other Psychotherapy Services & sees patients from Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and (via the internet) abroad.

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