Addiction Therapy & Counseling Toronto, ON

Addiction comes in many forms, substances are the largest concern but Gaming was recently added to the list of addictions by the Work Health Organization. I would also add perfectionism to that list. Whether your life’s being run by poor choices you make over and over or you actually use a substance to control your feelings, I have the experience to manage and treat these issues. I have had tremendous success with this diagnosis and have helped addicts of all kinds trace a road to recovery and then keep to it. It is possible to put all the behaviours that cause self hatred behind you.It is very important to understand that resentments drive addiction and self hatred keep the engine running. In therapy we talk through each resentment unpacking its real story and slowly an honest picture of acceptance and compassion will emerge . There are many treatments for addiction and substance abuse. In therapy a container is created that will hold many of the unmanageable feelings that drive addicts to use. Talk therapy is an excellent tool for the treatment of addiction.

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Jennifer Kaplan provides Addiction Therapy, Counseling and other Psychotherapy Services & sees patients from Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and (via the internet) abroad.

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