Why Therapy Now

Jennifer Kaplan Therapy M.S., R.S.W. Psychotherapeutic Counseling offers Psychological Assessment and Treatments

Psychotherapy Toronto Ontario

Most often we come to therapy because we feel lost somewhere in our own lives. Change can seem impossibly difficult when faced alone and without tools. If our life has become unmanageable and we reach a point where we can no longer solve problems and sort through our struggles on our own then this is the time to seek out psychotherapy. My approach is like reasoning things out with a compassionate, knowledgeable friend. We will get to the bottom of what holds you back in any area of your life that requires growth. You will guide the work based on what parts of your life you feel need to change. This is all done through our speaking with one another. If and when appropriate we will analyze your dreams together.

My practice ranges from the deeply personal struggles with self-image, addiction, shame and denial to the impact of shock and trauma. I work with adolescents and adults, couples and families. I also run groups. My interests are in practical approaches to changing habits that no longer serve my client’s stated goals. I do this through an insight-based narrative approach which may incorporate Behavior Modification Techniques. Together we will rewrite your story so you can see the whole of the truth with a compassionate understanding. I am a capable source of strength and guidance through such rough emotional waters as grief, divorce and changing professions. 

I am trained level 1 in EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is a simple therapeutic intervention for trauma recovery. I will use this, with the permission of my client, to change rigid response patterns to memories that are painful and traumatic. This therapy allows for immediate repair of confusing and upsetting emotional patterns to old or recent traumas.