Treatment for Depression, Talk Therapy and Counseling Toronto, ON

It is a normal response to become depressed when feelings of hopelessness overwhelm us. Depression can also be linked to metabolic changes and the life cycle. There are many different types of depression and I in therapy am able to work with them all with great success. On certain occasions medication may be useful. What therapy does to treat depression is slowly solve the underlying pressures that are feeding the depressive response. It also allows for the immediate alleviation of symptoms when therapy treatment is regular. Behavior modification and regular therapy sessions will change the ingrained responses that created the depressive episode.

Jennifer Kaplan provides Divorce Therapy, Counseling and other Psychotherapy Services & sees patients from Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and (via the internet) abroad.

Treatment/Counseling for: Depression | Anxiety | Grief/Loss | Separation/Divorce | Professional Development | Intimacy Issues | Addiction

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