By Jennifer Kaplan, M.S., R.S.W. Psychotherapeutic Counseling |

“I’ll never forget the feeling I left with after sitting with Jennifer Kaplan for the first time: Seen. Truly
seen for the person I was not for the person I thought to be. Often we walk into therapy with
false stories about who we are — mine began with “If only I wasn’t so anxious, then I might feel
like I’m finally enough.” Jennifer’s ability to see through my shame and self-judgment helped
provide a safe container to reframe this very lonely narrative into one in which I was inherently
lovable. Her warmth, compassion, and understanding as well as her ability to see symptoms like
anxiety and depression merely as flares from the soul in need of healing gave me the courage to
come more fully into myself. Her years of well-trained clinical experience are matched by her
innate ability to listen, reflect, empathize and hold. She is a gem of a therapist and I can’t
recommend her enough.”