Counseling & Psychotherapy in Toronto, Ontario

What I Treat

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief/Loss
  • Separation/divorce
  • Professional Development
  • Intimacy Issues
  • Addiction

It is a normal response to become depressed when feelings of hopelessness overwhelm us. There are several different types of depression and I am able to work with them all with great success. On certain occasions medication may be useful. What therapy does to treat depression is slowly solve the underlying pressures that are feeding the depressive response. It also allows for an immediate alleviation of symptoms when therapy treatment is regular Read More..

Feelings of anxiety are most often a result of repetitive or compulsive thinking in relationship to the future. Together we will rework how this thinking pattern functions and reclaim the energy lost through living in the future. There is great peace and beauty to living in the present and we will find our way to that place in the therapeutic sessions Read More..

It can be very lonely and frightening to grieve alone. Therapy provides a container for the loss. It can be a place to leave some feelings instead of having to carry the grief alone. When you leave the office after each session you are able to leave some of your sadness behind. The process of grieving can take many forms and therapy will alleviate much of the heaviness so that your life can still move forward. Learning to live with loss is worth working on and may be the only path Read More..

Changing roles and relationships are enormous sources of stress. Therapy can help hold the centre when all parts of your life seem to be moving and changing. Talking every week about all aspects of the change will help immeasurably in coping with stress in a positive way and making sure your best interests are served in the process Read More..

When people realize years into their careers that they are unhappy and overwhelmed they become stuck. Therapy will help clarify what you need to focus to find your passion in what you do and the choices about your professional development will flow from there Read More..

People often seek therapy when they realize that they are unable to sustain close relationships. Whether the relationships that are missing from your life are friends or lovers, therapy can help sort through any issues that are holding you back from loving and being loved. Therapy acts like an intimate relationship and helps solve feelings around self-image and being seen through the therapeutic bond Read More..

Gaming was recently added to the list of addictions by the Work Health Organization. I would also add perfectionism to that list. Whether your life’s being run by poor choices you make over and over or you actually use a substance to control your feelings, I have the experience to manage and treat these issues. I have had tremendous success with this diagnosis and have helped addicts of all kinds trace a road to recovery and then keep to it. It is possible to put all the behaviours that cause self hatred behind you Read More..